Your Happy Home, Clearing Geopathic Stress & Earth Healing

Get the best from your living or work space by removal of detrimental and non-beneficial earth / space energy also known as ‘Geopathic Stress’ and ‘Electromagnetic Stress’. Removal allows you to find inner balance, being clear to re-create more harmonious energy patterns conducive to healthy, abundant, joyous and optimal living. Working onsite or from plan we use dowsing, intuition and geomancy to link with the dynamics of a site.

The aim of an onsite or plan based survey is to find hidden sources of detrimental, draining and unpleasant energy in your home or business using dowsing, intuition and investigation. When identified, we can apply the best solutions to clear or avoid energy lines and heal earth energy to harmonise a home. The benefits of a site treatment can be subtle but also far reaching, Harmony Matrix Solutions has been established for over 25 years, each building is unique so I focus on an individual basis to find priority solutions that will bring about the best outcomes.

Some of the benefits include;

Improved Health and Vitality; resolving issues created by sleeping on Geopathic stress areas has been shown to allow the body’s natural healing and regeneration process to function better.  You need to be sleeping somewhere that your body can rest and recuperate.

Better Sleep and Relaxation; when high levels of Geopathic stress and Electromagnetic disturbance are present this can put our bodies and nerves on a silent ‘red alert’. This can give rise to unease, increases in edginess and personal stress, poor sleep and higher body voltage. When we reduce this effect it can lift off background tension and bring us back into alignment with our inner balance.

Increased Happiness; detrimental earth energy can drag us down, manifesting as reduced life energy. Removal equates to a subtle lift and increased enablement in inspiration and personal life energy.  Leaving the occupants with a sense that the energy has shifted to something more balanced and calming, adding psychic protection and creating the ideal blank energy for happiness at home.

Where does Geopathic Stress come from?

Geopathic stress is used to describe a wide range of detrimental earth energies from both manmade and geological features, influenced by natural activity such as underground water flow, magnetics of the moon cycle to ionosphere activity from solar flares thereby forming variety of pattern and fluctuating influences on the earth. The effects of Geopathic stress radiation in a building can be noticed as a cold, uneasy atmospheres or heightened stress in the occupants. Prolonged exposure to Geopathic stress has been shown to significantly hinder the body’s natural ability to heal. Instinctively many mammals will not live in such places, e.g. horses and dogs do not like to settle in places with Geopathic stress or if they have no option then they become unwell.

Geopathic Stress come from a variety of subterranean features and phenomena, such as;

  • Water flow – underground streams and springs
  • Naturally occurring magnetic grid lines that ripple across the surface of the earth
  • Emissions from subterranean mineral deposits
  • Geological faults, rock fissures, underground caves, lost wells
  • Previous human land use and past occupants
  • Ley lines, ancient man-made routes and religious sites
  • Ancient burials, battlegrounds, murder sites and land curses
  • Electromagnetic and Technopathic stress from household technology emissions
  • Non-physical beings, vibrational energy forms in a variety of strengths
  • Feng Shui imbalance – buildings that are not architecturally in harmony with the landscape

Signs and Symptoms include waking up tired, fatigue, stress, increased arguments, sleeplessness (see healthy beds) and teeth grinding in sleep. Sometimes people sense the energy is not quite right or will feel as if they are being watched, uneasy, or not be able to relax well at home. Therapists have also noticed a general inability for treatment and healing therapies to be as effective as they normally would be. Exposure to persistent levels of some Geopathic stress can manifest as depleted health for the occupants, immunity weakness, depression and has links to allergies, ME and cancer.

Geopathic Stress Studies

Studies have shown adverse effects of earth energy began to be formally and scientifically recognised in 1929 with the first investigation of ill health linked to the occupants location being placed on earth currents. Many studies have continued from there on with results that show clear correlations between Geopathically stressed locations and ill-health of the occupants, including clear links to cancer in people who lived or slept above Geopathic stress crossing points for lengthy periods of time.

The protective role of the immune system is undermined by emissions of detrimental earth radiation, correlations of health related geopathic stress show significant serotonin decrease, blood corpuscle decline speed and immunoglobulin deficiencies. Attached is a comprehensive guide to Geopathic Stress and the Science behind, a Thesis reproduced with the kind permission of North Eastern University and Author Hasan Sefa Ko.

Guide to Earth Energies and Geopathic Stress Studies ‘Geomagnetic Fields, effects on human immunology’.

Electromagnetic and Technopathic Stress

Over exposure to electromagnetic field radiation from power lines, Wi-Fi waves, technology, leaks of ‘dirty’ electricity and aggressive pulses is not ideal for optimal living. EMF radiation can be emitted by common household technology such as wireless baby monitors, burglar alarms, digital cordless phones, computer systems along with external mobile phone technology, Smart meters, 4 & 5G and TETRA masts.

Research shows over exposure to these electromagnetic waves is known to cause changes in enzymes, hormones, blood sugar levels, heating the skin and its nerve endings. The pineal gland is affected as this is sensitive to the earth’s magnetic field, this gland produces a host of psychoactive chemicals (such as melatonin, dopamine and serotonin) and abnormal functioning can cause neurological and behavioural problems.