Touch for Health (TFH) Kinesiology is a treatment modality designed to help get your system into balance and optimise wellness. Your body knows its own priorities and kinesiology uses muscle bio-feedback to identify what you need to draw on your own physical resources.

There are many ways that Touch for Health Kinesiology can help, techniques improve healing potential and inner harmony:

  • Increased vitality, emotional balance and sense of better wellbeing
  • Release mental and emotional stress
  • Coaching and realignment to achieve outcomes needed for life goals
  • Reset body energy patterns using energy medicine and kinesiology
  • Raised energy and mental alertness through brain/body and energy re-balancing
  • Reduction in physical stress and muscular tension leading to improved posture

What happens in a Kinesiology Treatment?

A Touch For Health (TFH) Kinesiology treatment is flexible and integrative, each person’s system will have a unique treatment pattern which will depend on addressing their priority. You will be guided through the treatment using a protocol that is integrates what you want and centres on your individual support. You stay clothed throughout and can be balanced standing, seated or on a couch.

Finding your priority involves a short coaching session to explore emotional or multi factors involved in finding inner balance. A balance will be focussed on your priority be it recovery from an accident or injury, emotional trauma, pain, physical tiredness etc or simply improving general wellbeing. We check your subtle vitality as when the energy is flowing, we live without survival reactions and life is more integrative, effortless and joyful.

TFH Kinesiology corrections outlined below use activation, sedation and release techniques applied at specific body points to balance inner energy:

  • Acupressure
  • Muscle reactivation manipulation
  • Spinal reflex massage
  • Colour healing
  • Chakra or light body repair

The aim of the session is to use muscle feedback and gently re-balance the energy flow with Chinese meridian energy balance, acupressure, emotional, stress and tension release. Each balance is unique will be related to your goal and your priority fix will be what your body chooses to enable your health goal, this makes kinesiology into a powerful process.

Creating and setting goals expands potential for all sorts of change and sessions can be extended into life and career coaching. A goal is something you want to achieve but somehow that stresses your energy system, if it didn’t you would already have achieved it – so it is important to find and remove that stress to be able to reach your goal.

In kinesiology we always incorporate subtle vitality checks as when the energy is flowing, many aspects of the balance process are based around traditional Chinese medicine testing for inner balance, each meridian having emotional and physical correlations. For example, the Triple Warmer meridian, represents part of the fire element (energy), when tested this can indicate imbalance in immunity, show ‘fight and flight’ is over working or exposure to geopathic stress so could potentially need balancing.

Kinesiology does not diagnose, cure or treat specific conditions but accesses your body’s inner wisdom through muscle feedback allowing the body to use its own healing ability. Touch for Health is the origin of energy medicine as studied and created by Donna Eden and is the most widely used kinesiology system in the world.

Touch for Health Kinesiology has its roots in chiropractice and its foundation in traditional Chinese medicine, enabling inner yin and yang, five element, your dynamic flow to find the key points that will balance, release tension and strengthen the whole system.

Click on the link for more information on the UK Kinesiology Federation.

“I can move so much better and my shoulder is less painful” AB

“Definitely feel better, I have more energy” SK