Summer solstice and the power of nature, questions to ask yourself and Bach plant essences

Embrace & Celebrate mid summer, the power of nature and its reflection on your own abundance.

The summer solstice is upon us, traditionally a time to party and watch the sun rise, but also a time to celebrate yourself and your achievements. Midsummer is a time to embrace flowers, give gifts of herbs and gather in the first crops of plants, flowers and herbs to dry for the winter.  We often see our countryside and gardens as a backdrop to what we do, but they are actually full of plants, seeds, fruit, leaves and roots with properties that are healing or nutritious. You can start simply with things you know, pick and dry or infuse elderflower, mint, nettle, camomile, dandelion and rose petals and other medicinal herbs and flowers for make-your-own herbal tea.

So on the eve of mid summer gather in some flowers, embrace the abundance and the joy of the season and let this resonate with your heart. In the evening, light a candle and sit in nature, connect with what is around you. Then think about your hopes and intentions, your abundance and go within with a light heart and connect with your dreams and wishes and also of your loved ones and those in your sphere.

Ask these questions of yourself and write the answers down. Know also this is a time of sacred magic so new ideas may come forward to enrich your journey in life.

What would you like to have more of ?

This can be quite a challenging question, take time to think about and explore the concept of what gives you pleasure. Does your job match up? Would you like to volunteer to work with a community project? Do you have what you need, or is there something you really want to focus manifesting?

What would like to give up and leave behind ?

Letting go is a chance to create more space, don’t throw good away but ease out and lessen that which is not spiritually rewarding. Is there anything you need to stop doing? Or is there something that needs to be finished before you can move on?

Dive deeper into your heart centre and check your answers. Is there more that you needs to do, something else you want to manifest? More things to forgive and release? Keep some notes for the season ahead to help you focus on what you would like to manifest, and who you would like to help, jobs and things you need to get done or release. But also write down some notes to go in the flame.

The solstice is a solar and fire celebration, so symbolically this is a good time to let go of what we want to be rid of. So feed the paper into the flame, with your hopes and dreams, and things to be released and manifested, give it up to the universe. Mentally let go of what you are focussing on as your paper note burns away. If you don’t have a fire image it floats away like a balloon on the breeze. Let the solstice magic do its work and check in on those actions and dreams; make a plan of what you need to do.

Herbs and Flowers, how to pick and dry them.

Choose your plants with care, giving thanks and do not harvest a complete area in one go, leave smaller plants with room to grow up and fill the space. At the moment we have still have elderflower in hedgerows which makes a light tea, as well as nettles. Make sure you know what you are picking and can positively identify your herbs, also avoid pollution by not picking from busy road verges.

Pick in the late afternoon on a dry sunny day as the oils and plant essences are at their peak, collect each stem carefully placing them in a box or basket. Tie in bunches with elastic bands (as the stems shrink) and hang upside down to dry in a shady/dark or airy place, try clipping small bunches to a hot water pipe, hang or place in brown bag in an airing cupboard. Check for drying out, it could be 1 or 2 weeks, avoid leaving them in bright light full sun as this will damage the plant oils. When dry place in brown glass jars if you have any, if not jam jars or paper bags and label them up, store away from light.

You can of course also freeze some flower and herb macerations in ice cube trays, I do this with herb mixes for the winter, and also with elderflower infusions (make sugar water and seep the flowers for 24 hours, strain) this way we can use less sugar. Save the elder flower ice cubes to make a summer cordial, for hot drinks for winter colds or pop in a Gin and Tonic.

Here is a link to an interesting course on foraging or think about buying a forage guide book  Be safe about what you pick, part of getting more out of the countryside is embracing it as a medicinal gift for your body and soul.

Bach Flower Essence – Honeysuckle

Flower Essences help us find balance as we move through and react to our lives with ever changing emotions, sometimes we lose focus, worry, get stuck in circular thoughts, fears or just uncertain. These essences help us move on, affirm what we are feeling, guide us and help us and transform to a new state of being.

Each newsletter I will focus on a new essence, these are a safe homeopathic quality of the plant, herb or flowers in a healing essence form, like a few drops of a hug from a tiny bottle of essence. We use them in Kinesiology to help us create new emotional positive qualities and potential, or allowing people to release what holds them back.

Honeysuckle as a remedy to help people ‘live for the day’ and be in the ‘now’. It helps those stuck with memories, regret, loss, nostalgia, homesickness, missed opportunity but also past love and success. It’s also for those that look back through rose tinted glasses, losing themselves in a romantic view of the past.

The positives on honeysuckle help remind us to be present, wakening us to engage and become involved with what is going on right now. It helps us move on to embrace new experiences and knowledge without fear.

The affirmation for this essence is “I am present and safe, I embrace my future and the positives of living for today”.

I will be covering more of these Bach Essences and healing plants on my instagram page so feel free to follow me via the link below and find out how to get some of these lovely plant vibes into your life.

I look forward to working with you if you are seeing me soon, if not get in touch if you would like help. I wish you a wonderful abundant, herb and flower filled happy summer.

Love, light and grace