Space clearing your home


Space clearing has its roots in shamanistic and religious ceremonies, this translates well for home use when helping us to change and lift the atmosphere. This guide has been created by me in 7 steps to help you get started with a truly heartfelt welcome.

All the best

Sare Bassett

Why bother to space clear anway?

Your home should be a pure clear template of energy that feels balanced to live in. However if your home or a room in particular feels or looks dull or depressing to be in then it is a sign you need to space clear. Especially so when you move into an old house, before life changes, after negative events, when moving into a new home or as a therapist to clear a room where healing has taken place. Clearing ensures you don’t begin to resonate with and repeat the previous occupants negative patterns, move on stuck stagnant energy , all of which also hold us back and causes disharmony.

Start with one room and when you have practiced then you can repeat this for a whole house.

Basic equipment needed:

  • One candle – a decent strong flame is needed, however a tea light will also do the job.
  • Good quality incense with charcoal disk and pebbles. Place pebbles in a heat proof bowl ready for the lit charcoal disk to sit over (as the ventilation helps it stay alight). When lit, sprinkle on frankincense or quality natural incense. Burner oils diffused in water and joss sticks are not strong enough for this type of clearing, you need the power of concentrated plant aroma and resin fumes as they are the highest most powerful vibration shifters.
  • Alternative ‘Smudging’: the following also work well. Palo Santo, Sweet Grass or White Sage bundles. Some smudging bundles can be overpowering and smell a bit like a bonfire so chose quality products where possible or wait for a warm dry day and air the house after.
  • Your mindset – to focus your work to be for the best and highest good for all and to bring healing, clearing and balance.
  • Wafter – a feather or a fan to swish the incense into corners and over areas that feel they have a heavy or thick vibe.
  • A Drum – sharp sound waves help break up old energy if you have one, to a 1:2 rhythm, this can be done by hand clapping if not.
  • A Bell/singing bowl – the sound vibration created by a bell or singing bowl really help to reset the energy into balance. If you do not have a bell this can also be carried out with chanting repeated ‘Oms’.


  1. Before you start, clear the room of clutter and check the floor for trip hazards, (working whilst holding burning incense needs a bit of care).
  2. Sit down and light your candle, then breathe deeply and slowly for five centering breaths, as you do open up to the wisdom of the space. The wisdom is a connection to your higher self; the healing intention represented by the candle flame; the energy field of your home.
  3. Absorb the white flickering light and purity of the candle flame, imagine it is within you and surrounding you like a halo of light. Dedicate your time, intention and light for the rooms energy to blessed, transmuted and cleared.
  4. To physically help break up old stagnant energy ‘clapping’ done by simply slow clapping our hands together creating sound wave disturbance. Open the windows a bit as you do this stage. Start by clapping in each corner of the room from bottom to top, repeat a couple of times and then work around the room, of particular importance are areas where the chi does not flow readily i.e. alcoves. Clapping a room is good arm exercise but can be strenuous so drink some water so you don’t dehydrate. If you have a drum you can also use this to disperse the chi in the same way. You can close the windows when you have finished this stage. You might notice the sound resonance change from muffled to higher sharper tones as you clear the space.
  5. Light your incense burner and add your aromatic incense. Focus on creating space filled with positive energy. Walk to the corners and gently blow with your out breathe and waft the aromatic smoke whilst asking for transmutation of any non-beneficial energy to a vibration balance and positive vibrant healthy energy.
  6. After you have worked your way around the room, you may get a sense of a change in the atmosphere or brightness. Next gently ring your bell or bowl and/or chant repeated Om’s doing this with intention, work around the room in the same way as before, paying extra attention to alcoves and corners.
  7. Finally, sit down with the candle and incense in front of you and send your own blessing to the energy of the room, acknowledge and thank the energy that has been cleared and ask that your space be filled with the vibration of love, light and joy. Thank the guides and Angels that may have come to assist you. Don’t forget to ‘reset’ yourself after working, close down any connections and bring your whole attention to the present and disconnect from the cleared energy. Having a shower also helps you to clear your own energy after space clearing.

Job done, you should now be able to relax in blissful and cleared space!

PS If you don’t feel comfortable with any of these steps then just ask me for help and do not the step. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. This shortened version is best suited for smaller areas, if you have any worries, larger sites or prefer someone else to do the work for you then just ask me for assistance.