Newsletter February 2020: Joy & Happiness

Hello! Welcome to my spring newsletter on the theme of Joy and Happiness.

I am finally out of hibernation and there has been a little patch of blue sky today, hooray for the coming of spring. The equinox will be here in just over three weeks (when day and night are equal lengths) so brighter days will soon be here. I am pleased to say my Health Kinesiology exams are over and I have finally reached the dizzy heights of Kinesiology Federation Associate (it’s been 4 years of study). I finally have my life back and endless study days are over.

All the best
Sare Bassett, KFA!

What sparks your joy?

This is no easy question but I have been pondering through six weeks of sugar detox without the sensation from comfort eating and fattening treats in the dullest part of winter. Keeping my mind healthy has become extra important. Here are some of the questions I asked myself as I worked through those winter ups and downs.

1. What would your inner child want to do?

Reflecting on this question, I made a list of things liked to do; mine were to party in my peaceful way with loved friends, be out in nature, creating colour in life, art/diy, getting active, reading and listening to good stuff.

2. What would your higher self advise you to do?

Our higher selves have a voice in our inner being, we hear this part of ourselves in times of reason and calm. This might tell us to cultivate our spiritual mind, find more ways to enjoy life, want us to slow down or look for ways to create inner radiance. Recently I started a journal and this has helped me connect with my authentic self. Also to get in touch with my inner forces and  help me reflect on what is holding me back and worrying me. I have started planning good things that will lift my energy.

3. How to align with your values

Consider what your values are in life and what you stand for?  If you want to save the planet then maybe stop buying material possessions they only give us temporary pleasure and are not a recipe for happiness or finding the true source of joy. Find what you truly value and stand for.

4. Lift your home energy

How do you feel when you get home? A cluttered home where we have too many things and not enough space can hold back happiness. Make sure your clutter reflects the things that you love, sort out things that are disorganised, remove things you do not love or use, finish or give away anything unfinished.

At the end of your life you will never wish you had more stuff! The energy of place shapes us on an every day basis, coming home should be a good feeling. Relaxing at home is part of our vital energy source, it’s our prana, what we breathe in and absorb when we are at home.

5. Clear your electromagnetic energy field

Spend some time away from the EMF fields from your home technology and devices. Your subconscious mind will be in connection with this energy of place and will not relax if things are out of balance. Your body voltage can become over energised if you do not find ways to detox and ground your electromagnetic energy, this can be done by getting out in nature, walking on a beach, leaning against a tree or by using some technological solutions such as earthing and body voltage checks (available from me).

6. How is your total wellbeing?

Do you feel well? Is your life path aligned? Are you pain free? This question is about about your mind, body, spirit and home as a synergy of things that should work together in harmony. This includes your gut health, immunity, psychological and emotional balance. If you don’t have these then do something to address this, value yourself.

Happiness is an inside job!

Creating happiness means you may need to work with reducing stress as it undermines your natural wellbeing. Stress is something that effects everyone, it is motivational but also designed to keep us safe so it creates the ‘fight and flight’ mode which fires us up. Long term excessive stress makes us use up our adrenalin supplies, it puts our kidney meridian out of balance and we know it can lead into metabolic changes with free roaming stress that relates to sensations of anxiety, irritability and depression. Try planning ahead to reduce stressful situations, avoid overloading what you think you can do. Saying ‘Yes’ to one thing means ‘No’ to something else or a rush to fit things in. Anything that helps you stay happy and calm will reduces stress hormones and create opportunity for your happy hormones instead.

Top five steps to happiness

Think about what your kind of happy is and make space for developing this. The top five things to work on are:

  • Physical activity – just 20 minutes a day is enough.
  • Relaxation, meditation and mindfulness. Watch what you think as your body is listening!
  • Social connectivity – time out with your friends, family even your pets.
  • Laughter and humour – pod casts, silly fun and good smiley happy times.
  • Sensory comfort – Healthy foods eaten slowly. Develop a play list of uplifting songs, we know music has a big effect on mood. Think about what you watch on TV and use the delightful sense of aromatherapy oils.  Snuggle in!

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Is it goodby to Harmony Matrix?

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