Body Voltage

Body voltage is a under researched factor in ill-health and the attached guide gives more information. As part of my healing and kinesiology synergy I can check both voltage and body polarity which often switches out of balance in geopathically stressed and urban people.

I use kinesiology (muscle testing) to check for geopathic stress and supporting meridian balancing techniques and ‘Earthing’ equipment to ground and re-balance the body’s energy.

Humans are aligned to the natural voltage of the earth, we used to walk barefoot, sleep on it and stay connected with its perfectly charged low voltage. Within each of us are trillions of electrical brain and cell activities using this low voltage, it is part of our metabolic system.

However, technology has bought with it a huge spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, from computers, mobile phones & masts, radio & TV broadcasts, Wi Fi, Bluetooth, power lines, tablets and other electrical appliances. This electromagnetic radiation induces higher than natural voltages in our bodies, disrupting the electron system designed to destroy free radicals and instead leaves us with an inappropriate higher charge of electricity in our body thus creating free radicals.

The Earth is a massive reservoir of negatively charged free electrons, when we ‘ground’ ourselves by connecting with ‘earth’ i.e. the voltage of the earth, we greatly reduce the levels of these man-made induced voltages.

Illustration – Reduction in inflammation shown below with grounding or earthing documented with medical infrared imaging.

These images show tiny changes in temperature on a colour coded to map, red shows the hot areas indicative of inflammation. The arrow points to the exact location of the patient’s pain and shows significant inflammation.

Figure 1 shows infrared images of a 33-year-old woman who had a gymnastics injury at age 15. The patient had a long history of chronic right knee pain, swelling, and instability, and was unable to stand for long periods. Simple actions, such as driving, increased the symptoms. She had to sleep with a pillow between her knees to decrease the pain. On-and-off medical treatment and physical therapy over the years provided minimal relief.

Figure 2 taken 30 minutes after being grounded with an electrode patch, the patient reported a mild reduction in pain. After 6 days of grounding sessions, she reported a 50% reduction pain and could now stand for longer periods without pain, she no longer needed to sleep with pillow between her legs. After 4 weeks of treatment, she was able to run. By 12 weeks, she said her pain had diminished by nearly 90% and she had no swelling.

Images reproduced under Creative Commons Attribution by Dove Medical Press Limited.
Journal of Inflammation Research. 2015; 8: 83-96 Copyright © 2015 Oschman et al.

If you would like an earthing session the I can combine this with kinesiology, please ask when booking as I use an earthing mat that needs to be made available.

Free Earthing & Body Voltage Guide: ‘How to balance your body voltage’