Aura Balance

We constantly absorb, transmit and assimilate non-verbal information on a sub conscious level. Your aura light body is a natural light force field of your energy working as a buffer of energetic protection but if this is weakened or too ‘open’, then ‘non-physical source’ attachment from a wide spectrum (locality, past human activity and relationships) can come away with us, linking into our vitality. Detrimental energy does not belong in your aura, any such thing needs to be removed. Aura realignment work focuses on repair and healing of the light body and removal of detrimental energy.

Each one of us is connected to our Assemblage Point which joins our physical body and etheric systems together. Trauma and stress means this sometimes comes up as something that needs to be re-aligned, doing this balances and strengthens a light body and it may be a priority to realign and repair this. Sound Essence Healing can also be powerful in supporting issues with your light body energy system using Archangel Support Essences.

Auric Healing and Assemblage Realignment sessions are integrated into Touch for Health Kinesiology and Healing work so please ask when you book in.