Angelic & Sound Healing Essences

Sound Essences embrace the healing vibrations of sound, colour, crystals and gems, positive affirmations, sacred geometry, symbols, aroma and homeopathy. These healing vibration remedies interact with the physical and energetic body to produce full spectrum vibrational healing for enhancement and impact in energy balancing.

Developed in Canada by Evelyn Mulders these essences help reset, lift and recharge our vibration using sprays to revitalise and balance our meridians, chakras, Aura and archangel connection.

Overall, Sound Essences restore the healthy vibration to the etheric body allowing the vibrational field and physical body to re-balance itself.

How I work with Sound Essences

Sound Essences are can be integrated with healing and/or included in kinesiology sessions. These often come forward as a priority to help remove emotional blockages from trauma, activate change and attune your energy to higher frequencies.

The essences you need will be selected individually by dowsing or kinesiology and correspond in meaning to the physical/emotional and spiritual activation or support needed. There are 37 different essences so they cover wide range, for example, someone feeling low might muscle test and lock for misting with the vitalizer ‘Aura Joy’ which is associated with helping to clear negative energy and remind us that mistakes and challenges in life often fuel us towards brilliance and a better new path.

Receiving an essence misting feels uplifting and as if a cloud of sacred energy and fresh air has settle on you.

More information on Evelyn Mulders, her work and essences: Sound Essence.

You can book Sound Essence Healing either integrated with Kinesiology, healing or have as a stand-alone session.