Health Kinesiology™, Natural Bioenergetics™ and Touch for Health™ are gentle yet extremely powerful techniques that trigger and balance your unique self-healing and muscle synergy using Chinese medicinal systems such as acupressure. Treatment helps many things, for example injury recovery, pain and anxiety whilst also maintaining good health and lifting your well-being. When our inner energy is flowing, we live without stress and survival reactions, life is more effortless and joyful.

Think of your Health Kinesiologist as a systems analyst for the body. Your body uses an Autonomic Control System (ACS) to subconsciously control and regulate all body functions needed to keep you alive and well. This system controls the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves – 50 trillion cells which know everything that is happening within your body. All of this information is part of your subconscious control and communication, your natural bio-energetics. Health Kinesiology uses muscle testing to tap into your ACS to find the root cause of what is causing problems, blocking your natural healing and holding you back.

There are many ways that Kinesiology can help:

• Recovery from injury or illness and reduction of pain •

• Reduced anxiety, emotional shock and stress at home or work •

• Helps you over-come past trauma •

• Prevents illness and maintains well-being •

• Increased confidence and self esteem •

• Assists in changing attitudes and unhelpful behaviour •

• Raised energy and mental alertness through brain/body and energy re-balancing •

• Achieving outcomes needed for life goals •

• Lessening and removal of physical symptoms and intollerances •

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Other integrated complementary therapies include: