Immunity & online services April 2020

Thank you for opening!

We are living through unprecedented times, history books will remember 2020 as a year that changed the world.

Emotionally many people are veering from fear, ‘fight and flight’ type survival instincts, worry and anxiety, to surreal peacefulness – all in one day! Social isolation has been suggested globally for humankind, but I prefer to see it as physical distance as we can still reach out to one another in many other ways through technology and simply helping from afar.

We need to ensure we allow ourselves a bit of time to process the impacts from Covid 19 and reflect, not just on the danger we face, the changes forced upon us but also to think about others and be grateful for those that are helping us. For me, aiming to live each day in the ‘now’ has helped me stay grounded and hang onto the reality everyday life, sticking to the basics and ensuring family and friends stay well.

Our natural and essential immunity is usually worn down by overwork, lack of exercise and sleep, as well as stress leading to poor nutritional uptake. Throughout these troubled times are important chances to reset to a lifestyle that includes better self-care, time for cooking, exercise, connection with our loved ones.

We could see these times as a chance to create more of the positivity we all need for ourselves to feel well and stay well, both for now and in the future.

Kindest Wishes

Sare D Bassett

Immune System Advice

Supporting our immune system is vital and having a naturopathic approach to wellness there are plenty of things to share, but I found three Coronavirus lectures at the UK College of Naturopathy that give some specific specialist advice on staying well.

Contents include; What you need to know. Preventative measures. What do to if you become infected. Along with helpful nutrition advice and tips

Of course we also need to follow guidance issued by Public Health England: and NHS website:

Services are now available on-line via Zoom, Skype and phone.

I am still working and available to help, sessions have moved online and include:

Health Kinesiology, Distant healing, Health dowsing. House & flat dowsing, Feng Shui and house healing, including new home surveys via plans.

Well-being coaching, Careers and life coaching, Solution focused therapy, my Spiritual development group, workshops and meditations.

One to one therapeutic services which are now on-line show new price concessions due to Coronavirus’s economic impact on our finances. I would rather be helping people for less than not to be able to so at all.

If you would like to try this, then you can start with a free 15 minutes trial session.

Thereafter normal fees apply with one to one online concessions if needed – as follows:  £20 / 30 min, £35 / hour, £50 / 1.5 hours

How on-line treatments work. Our connection works rather like radio waves so distance is not limited by space, personal energy can connect through quantum field frequencies. All sessions are guided and supported by me, all you need to do is click a Zoom link and relax as we work together.

Contact me: 07910 230 395 or 01737 241951 or

Free Evening Meditation – Monday 6th April at 7.30 pm

To reach out in these times of isolation, I am running an ONLINE guided mediation for relaxation and self healing, this will also include an additional optional guided session at the end to send healing light to others. To access this click the zoom link below at 7.25pm and the the link will open you into the meditation space.

Topic: Meditation Monday
Time: April 6, 2020 07:30 PM London

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Stay safe, stay well and get in touch if things are tough.