Space Clearing

Harmony Matrix Total Wellbeing

Every home has a unique subtle atmosphere, often interrelated and interconnected in a myriad of ways, reflecting both the land usage and occupants (both contemporary and historic). Space clearing is good for removal of any negative energy imprints. It is great for people when they notice an underlying atmosphere that does ‘not feel right’, is ‘not homely’ or that they feel ‘watched’.

Space clearing explores and removes subtle energy that is non-beneficial or disharmonious and includes psychic protection. This leaves the space feeling freer, lighter and the occupants and spaces with better protection from unwanted outside influences.

As a professional practitioner who is experienced in clearing and protection, I have found several plausible types of detrimental energy that need to be released. In removing non beneficial energy, it has been impossible to avoid working with a spectrum of non-physical beings, ghosts and spirits etc which need to be moved on. The majority of this is not scary horror movie stuff and needs a sensitive yet practical approach.

If your home is affected by any of these things, then it can be frightening and draining, or just be unsettling to your peace of mind.

I can dowse as to what is adversely affecting your home and clear many of these from a distance, if you contact me I will advise what needs to be done.

Space Clearing & Sacred Space

Creating sacred space is not just for temples, it is here for us to use in your home to manifests a higher vibration.

My onsite space clearing and sacred space includes; blessing the energy of a home with sacred energy, specialist incense, spiritual connection to the guardians of the place or landscape, angelic realms, powerful ancient protection symbols, sound and earth healing techniques.

Space Clearing is needed in a home in the same way as spring cleaning, as residual energy builds up from negative human emotions, such as rows, illness, trauma and grief. It is also helpful for settling in after a house move, especially if the house does not feel like it is your home.

Old energy can leave an invisible stagnant residue, seen by sensitive people as a grey mist in ceiling corners or even around particular objects. After a clearing, a room can look brighter, sound different and even feel like it has been redecorated.

People are great at mirroring vibration, if a place holds sadness then our own mood can be lowered and if a place has good vibes our mood is raised.

Space clearing and creating sacred space has its roots in sacred, shamanic and religious practices from around the globe which I have studied, trained in and adapted for contemporary use.

Burials, Curses, Battlegrounds & Spirit Rescue

A consultation includes dowsing to identify anything non-beneficial in the hidden etheric history of the land as these can leave unpleasant residual patterns.

You may not know if your home is placed over  a non-beneficial energy site, but trauma or repeated action creates a energy pattern which is disruptive to sleep or relaxation. I check for and clear a wide range of historic activity such as battlegrounds, poor houses, asylums, plague pits, ancient and exhumed graves, curses, ancient routes, pilgrim tracks, ley lines etc.

These detrimental patterns are subtle but all the same we resonate with them and they can be disruptive and disturbing for sensitive people to live with. Not all homes have haunting or this type of disturbance, but if such arises it can be cleared, released, harmonised for good.