Space Clearing

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Space clearing explained.

People are great at mirroring vibration, if a place holds sadness then our own mood can be lowered and if a place has good vibes our mood is raised. Every home has a unique subtle atmosphere, reflecting both the original land usage and past occupants, so this is why your house healing includes checks for a range of things. For example, removal of any disharmonious, non beneficial, subtle negative energy imprints and a new home blessing and realigning of the garden or land if appropriate.

Space clearing is needed in a home in the same way as spring cleaning as residual energy builds up from things such as; negative human emotions, rows, illness, burglaries, trauma and grief. It is also helpful for settling in after a house move, especially if it does not feel like your home.  Some people notice an underlying atmosphere that does ‘not feel right’, is ‘not homely’ or that they feel ‘watched’.  Space clearing helps create a space that feels freer and lighter also benefitting the occupants with better protection from unwanted outside energy influences.

I have studied different cultural techniques and courses in feng shui, shamanism, celtic and first nation traditions working with sacred energy, incense, connection to the guardians of the place or landscape, angelic realms, ancient protection, sound and earth healing techniques. After a clearing, a room can look brighter, sound different and even feel like it has been redecorated.

Burials, Curses, Battlegrounds & Spirit Rescue

You may not know if your home is placed over  a non-beneficial energy site, but trauma or repeated action creates a energy pattern which is disruptive to sleep or relaxation. A consultation includes dowsing to identify anything non-beneficial in the hidden etheric history of the land. I check for and clear a wide range of historic activity such as house built over sites that were once places of trauma, i.e. battlegrounds, hospitals, poor houses, asylums, plague pits, ancient and exhumed graves, ancient routes, pilgrim tracks, ley lines etc.  In removing non beneficial energy, it has been impossible to avoid working with a spectrum of non-physical beings, ghosts and spirits etc which need to be moved on. The majority of this is not horror movie stuff and just needs a sensitive yet practical approach.

Land and object curses: In the past land was taken by force by invaders, raiders and the state and in some cases the victims that were displaced or aggrieved used intention to curse the land, this is another subtle unpeaceable energy to be cleared.  In the same way objects plundered or stolen can also be affected by curses or unpleasantness of some sort so need to be cleared.

These detrimental patterns are subtle but all the same we resonate with them and they can be disruptive and disturbing for sensitive people to live with.

Family disharmony and divorce houses

Sometimes houses seem to hold a tension as if trauma stored in part of the fabric of the building. These places can create what we term ‘divorce houses’ or in feng shui ‘predecessor chi’ where people move in and repeat the emotions left behind from the previous upsets and sadness. Domestic disharmony, loss and bereavement can leave residual layers of heavy low energy which is then absorbed and sub consciously connected with. This old hidden cycle can be repeated by occupants, causing a change in mood, out of character behaviour and heightened stress and disharmony.

Houses that hold these patterns become unhappy places, homes that are not loved, but get bought and sold on by occupants knowing they need to move away and subconsciously escape the inherited pattern and find somewhere nicer. Space clearing sorts most of these repeated pattern issues, giving an energy ‘tune up’ which transforms the old vibrational patterns to those of balance, higher harmony and a happier atmosphere

“Liesa [daughter] was much calmer and had far more patience / was less bad tempered after your visit.” 

House Blessing

New home owners sometimes sense the old energy of the previous occupants when they move into an new home, feeling vaguely out of sorts or depressed when they were previously fine. The Chinese Feng Shui masters call this ‘Predecessor Chi’, as energy belonging to the previous occupants which needs to be cleared away. Getting your home blessed clears energy, reinvigorates and activates your connection to your home. It includes blessing the land, garden, water courses as well as the building.

House Blessings includes a ceremony to protect the home and evoke the spirits of love, joy and harmony. This is great for clearing the previous owner’s energy which allows you to settle in, feel more authentic and integrated with your home. It can also be bought as a short stand alone new home gift for yourself or someone else as it can be done remotely, i.e.  from plans at a distance.

Sacred Gardens

As part of your consultation we can help create gardens of rest and recovery, finding areas of good energy and spaces ideal for healing. This can also combine with Feng Shui for placement of features to activate, replicate and cultivate beneficial energy in the landscape. True unity with the environment needs us to seek out and acknowledge the hidden dimensions of nature consciousness, finding ways to work with nature spirits to co-create unified spiritual gardens that are enhanced and feel beautiful to be in.