House healing explained

Your home doesn’t have to be perfect but it should feel like a sanctuary when you return to it. House healing and earth energy surveys help by ensuring and creating somewhere you can sleep, rest and recuperate to the maximum without outside influences.

House healing is subtle but clients often report and noticeable effect and comment on the atmosphere feeling lifted, more peaceful, having less arguments and as if tension has been released. Think of house healing as a filter removing invisible layers of dust, memory, history, emotional fields, rows and sadness all going back in time to the original land use – all attached to your home. This leaves you with a vibrant, fresh and clear space to live in.

There are many factors involved in the synergy of harmonising homes and ensuring your space is reset to a crystal clear and pristine atmosphere. I have years of experience and knowledge, with each home worked on being gauged for levels of geopathic stress and disharmony both before and after treatment, so I know what works.

What does home healing include?

• working from house plan or site visit • earth energy dowsing • geopathic stress survey • space clearing  • healing of landscape energies (non-beneficial, burial, negative and trauma) • feng shui for positioning & alignment • removal of ancient land curses • reset past occupants energy • crystal healing  • earth acupuncture • incense smudging and sound healing • psychic protection  • spirit rescue and release

House healing case studies

Studies have shown adverse effects of earth energy began to be recognised in the 1920’s with the first scientific investigation being published in 1929, this researched ill health correlated to the occupants location being on harmful earth currents. Many studies have continued from there on with results that show significant correlations between geopathically stressed locations and ill-health of the occupants, including clear links to cancer in people who lived or slept above geopathic stress crossing points for lengthy periods of time.

The protective role of the immune system is undermined by emissions of detrimental earth radiation, correlations of health related geopathic stress show significant serotonin decrease, blood corpuscle decline speed and immunoglobulin deficiencies. These are real case studies written up to give you an idea and illustration of how Sara’s work can help families and individuals.

“Things are getting better here at least moving in the right direction, thank you very much for this fascinating work.”

“Many thanks for your time today – it was very informative as well as it being a very interesting day.”

Case study 1

Allergies and Insomnia

The lady living in this house was suffering from insomnia, waking at a particular time each night and feeling wide awake with an overactive brain and unable to return to sleep. This lady also explained that she had an allergy had been slowly worsening over the last five years.

During my survey of the house, two types of naturally occurring but detrimental earth energy were found, shown by the dotted lines, 1/underground water and 2/ magnetic earth energy line, both were active lines and are typical sources of geopathic stress. Where these lines cross are detrimental energy hot spots, considered unhealthy to spend time on. The position of her favorite seat was on the sofa point A and she slept in the same spot above on the side at point B, unwittingly she was soaking up harmful earth rays every time she sat down at home or went to bed.

We discussed what would be best possible option, she was able to move their double bed right off the hotspot. Neither lines dowsed as particularly strong but it is not ideal to sleep in such places so the single bed was also planned to be moved. The client also swapped the sofas around to avoid point A.

This site was cleared of residual geopathic stress with earth acupuncture and harmonising techniques were also completed and dowsing indicated a reduction in the detrimental affect from these energies.

This client reported that after her house healing session that her sleep had improved and if she did awaken was able to relax and return to sleep, her allergy response had also stabilised and responded better to treatment than it did before.

Case Study 2

Baby not settling and the home not feeling homely

Sara was contacted by a young couple who were concerned they had geopathic stress. They reported that they could not relax properly in the home and their young child was unsettled and reluctant to sleep or play in her own bedroom.

Their home was a beautifully renovated cottage in South London, Sara found a trouble spot under the young child’s bed and floor area, when this was checked from the room below the bed was situated above a row of newly fitted low voltage lights. A Trifield meter showed that this lighting system had a voltage transformer box that was leaking a large measurable electro-magnetic field into the room above, radiating directly into the floor area and beneath the cot bed. Once identified an electrician was called in to rectify the lighting issue with a replacement that did not leak dirty electricity and cause disturbance to the child’s sleep.

Dowsing also indicated the land and house were deliberately cursed by human intention. It sometimes helps us understand disturbances if we dowse as to when they occurred, the curse was dated to placement in 1068 on the original farmland. This time was soon after the invasion and land theft by William of Normandy, implying the previous land owners had focused the injustice and anger into act of revenge by intention or human witchcraft, they created a curse that left a subtle but pervasive impinging negative pattern of the land for years.

Harmonisation meant the curse needed to be carefully lifted from the area and returned to natural balance. When Sara did the clearing and re-blessing the home felt as if heaviness was released from the atmosphere, giving a tangible sense of relief. Afterward, the couple noticed the improvement in atmosphere and commented that the coldness had gone.

Following up after my visit, with new lights installed the family reported the young child had settled into a pattern where she slept much better, she was playing in her room happily in the morning and the house felt warmer and more cosy.

Case Study 3

Underground water and site of past trauma

An amateur dowser friend contacted me as he had found a whole range of different energy lines in his new home in France as was worried about geopathic stress. I did a quick advance check and it appeared that he did have detrimental earth energy on site, 1/ a place of human trauma in one room and 2/ a spirit or non physical being was also on site. He sent in plans and details the home, but I asked him not to draw on what he had found by dowsing.

After dowsing the plans and mapping them out for him along with a pattern of the energy, I could see one of his rooms had a narrow underground stream running in a deep granite rift and dropping down forming a subterranean waterfall 20 m below the house foundations. This affected the whole house in a mild way and caused the energy rays he had found, but thankfully the strongest detrimental section was above a little used dining room and spare bedroom. When we shared plans he had dowsed and drawn similar markings to mine. The spirit that was linked to the trauma and was released without fuss, the human trauma was something old and quite subtle, just a low energy sensation dating to 1445 and was cleared by a combination of techniques.

Every home is quite different and each home I harmonise presents a unique set of improvement conditions, what they all have in common is the owners just knew or had a instinct that something was wrong and wanted to get this sorted out.