House Healing & Surveys

Your home doesn’t have to be perfect but it should feel like a sanctuary when you return to it. House Healing and pre-purchase dowsing surveys are about ensuring and creating somewhere you can sleep, rest and recuperate to the maximum without outside influences. Solutions include sacred space, feng shui and earth healing techniques to clear and create uplifted and positive energy vibrations.

House healing is subtle but clients often report and noticeable effect and comment on the atmosphere feeling lifted, more peaceful and as if tension has been released. Think of house healing as a filter removing invisible layers of dust, memory, history, emotional fields and sadness all going back in time to the original land use attached to your plot of space. This leaves you with a vibrant, fresh and clear space to live in.

There are many factors involved in the synergy of harmonising homes and ensuring your space is reset to a crystal clear and pristine atmosphere. I have many years of experience and knowledge, with each home worked on being gauged for levels of geopathic stress and disharmony both before and after treatment, so I know what works.

My house healing uses techniques include:

• earth energy healing • healing of the landscape and any burial or trauma • water and chi energy pattern reset • clearing any negative non-beneficial energy • removal of ancient land curses • clearing past occupants energy • cleansing with crystals • spirit removal • working with elementals • earth acupuncture • incense and sound • protective symbols and angels • blessing space

Pre-Purchase Survey

It is a good idea to check your potential homes energy before you buy to ensure that you are moving into a home that is going to promote good health. This gives you peace of mind for a fresh start and can be done at a distance from estate agent plans.

A pre-purchase survey is dowsing from plans to work with the vibrational energetic factors of your home, price includes:

• dowsing survey from plans • condensed site clearing and balance based on the most important factors needed to correct • clearing past occupant energy • energy blessing for the new space • removal of any past negative or traumatic energy • short report.

What is Sacred Space Creation?

Sacred Space creation involves many different cultural techniques that can help us manifest radiant, uplifting and beneficial atmospheres. You may notice places that were once sacred, ancient sites such as temples are blessed with natural sensations of warmth and balance.

I have studied landscape healing and sacred space creation and site blessing via professional courses in Feng Shui, White Shamanism, Celtic and First Nation traditions. I have developed a synergy of techniques to uplift and attune the quality of your space and know what will work best to optimise and create sacred space in the home.

“Thank you very much for your help and support.” HT

NB Some forms of earth energy cannot be completely neutralised i.e. a room above a significant rock fissure will always be subject to some interference. In such cases, specific advice will be given on how to avoid and mitigate any negative impacts.

Phone Masts radiation can only be recorded with site visits and cannot be neutralised permanently but can be assisted with and advised on.

High level or complex electromagnetic problems i.e. industrial DC currents will require specific industry specialists.