Feng Shui

Feng Shui draws from ancient Chinese shamanism and the natural unity and balance found in the best places in nature to recreate a sense of gathered and unified space, creating the best flow and energy in a home or office space.

There are many facets to Feng Shui so let Sara do the hard work for you, she can show you ways in which you improve the energy of your home, use the light, best spaces for living and working, placement for for objects, furniture and colours to enhance an area. Feng shui is not just about buildings it is about the correlation to the people living within it so lifting your home energy will also lift yours.

Your Feng shui consultation can be online from plans and photographs taken on your phone, so it can be easy to set up.  Sara can help advice you as to what you place in different areas of your home, what is clutter and what is an enhancement.  A consultation will focus on the practical interpretation of your layout and building dynamics to harmonise, improve aesthetic balance and flow. Using these key things we can improve and make the most of chi energy influences by position, design and activation. This service is personal to each home or office and will help motivate you to clear your clutter and manifest energy change, it will include a distant house healing and blessing plus a short written guide to Feng Shui placement and colour use.

Based on Chinese shamanic beliefs about living landscape, the balance of the five elements and the knowledge of internal and external design combined with vibrational dynamics it really informs how to correct and harmonise imbalances. The bagua and compass gives an overview of the interplay of subtle but dynamic vital earth and cosmic forces; light and energy polarity, locality influence, layout flow, abundance manifestation, earth geography, the cosmic realms and eight direction archetypes.

 “The difference in our home is pronounced, the space is calmer, clearer and certainly much happier. Both my physical and mental health have been improved, and my spiritual development enhanced”

Feng Shui sees life as the the three treasures or the earth, mankind and the heavens.

The treasure of ‘earth luck’ is what we improve when we practice form school feng shui, practical applications in intuitive observations and balancing of the flow of the Physical Chi, the limitations of the land form, geography, shape and contour of the landscape as well as man-made objects such as streets, building shapes, rooms and furnishings. Good Form school is uncluttered, flowing and balanced.

The ‘Heaven luck’ or ‘Tien Chai’ is the study of constellations, weather patterns, planets and divination of the I Ching. This includes the study of the Lo Pan compass and the eight directions which is representative of 8 energy archetypes. The ‘Mankind luck’ or ‘Ren Chi’ reflects a personal disposition, fate, attitude, stage of consciousness and degrees of health vitality.

Interrelated dynamics include advice on directional energy from the eight archetypes and also include the dynamics of the Chinese five element cycle of harmony, destruction and balance in energy. Combining these principles helps us understand how an energy might relate to the land and how these can be activated to help manifestation in eight key areas of our lives

If Feng Shui something you would like explored as well as earth energy harmonisation, then please let me know at time of enquiry so I can integrate this and include the time it needs.

“There is a big interplay of energies that goes on in with Feng Shui dynamics and it is easy to take these all too literally, especially with the way some magazines and books portray Feng Shui, a professional consultation is needed to truly understand the existential flow and earth energy dynamics”.