Family Disharmony

Some houses seem to hold a tension in a particular room or the whole place, as if trauma stored in the very fabric of the building. These places can create ‘divorce houses’ and ‘crying rooms’, houses where occupants move in are affected by the emotions left by the previous owners upsets and sadness from the past. Domestic abuse, disharmony, badly treated servants, loss, bitter rows can also leave residual layers of heavy low energy and human thought forms. These energies can be absorbed and even sub consciously connected with and even be repeated by occupants, causing a change in mood, creating out of character behaviour and heightened stress as they absorb this old hidden pattern and bad karma cycle.

Geopathic Stress is normally present and overlaid in the most badly affected places of these types of problems. These are not the sort of thing anyone wants to connect to or live with. Houses that hold these patterns become unhappy places, the sort of homes that get bought and sold on, as the ‘knock on’ effect can lead to relationship disharmony and occupants knowing they need to move away and subconsciously escape the inherited pattern.

Clearing these sorts of issues with house healing and solutions gives an energy ‘tune up’ which transforms the vibrational pattern to those of balance and higher harmony.  A healed and harmonised home where the trauma has been released and transmuted can have a much happier clearer atmosphere and a consultation will raise, re-align and nullify any detrimental energy.

“Liesa [daughter] was much calmer and had far more patience / was less bad tempered after your visit.” Phil Hedge