Earth Healing

Earth healing is a powerful and effective solution to harmonise spaces, it is energy healing attuned at an elevated level for healing of the landscape, water and chi energy pattern of a home itself, with particular focus on healing negative earth energy to create a more positive atmosphere.

My onsite healing uses techniques taken from work with Energy Healing, Crystals, Spirit Rescue, Genius Loci (the elementals), Earth Acupuncture and incense, also drawing in protective symbols, Angels and Invocation. My clients often notice and comment on feeling a sort of atmospheric lifting in the energy as if something had been released or calmness in rooms after this work is completed.

Sacred Space creation can help us manifest pleasant and beneficial atmospheres.  Many of us are drawn to places that were once sacred, ancient sites such as temples and in such places the Spirit of Place or ‘Genius Loci’ (Romano Greek term) was cultivated and blessed creating places of power and balance, a comfortable, radiant and uplifting energy is left in the pattern. I can create some this atmosphere using a synergy of techniques to uplift and attune the quality of your space.

I have studied landscape healing and blessing via professional courses in Feng Shui, White Shamanism, Celtic and First Nation tradition to develop my own intuitive protocol of what seems to work best for a site, its size and combination.

“Thank you very much for your help and support.” HT

NB Some forms of earth energy cannot be completely neutralised i.e. a building above a significant rock fissure but instead need to be avoided and in such cases I will advise on how best to do this and discuss options to mitigate or course of avoiding action. High level or complex electromagnetic problems i.e. DC currents will require specific industry specialists.