Electro Magnetic Stress

Over exposure to electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation from power lines, Wi-Fi waves, technology, leaks of ‘dirty’ electricity and aggressive pulses is not ideal for optimal living. EMF radiation can be emitted by common household technology such as wireless baby monitors, burglar alarms, digital cordless phones, computer systems along with external mobile phone technology, Smart meters, 4G & 5G and TETRA masts.

Research shows over exposure to these electromagnetic waves is known to cause changes in enzymes, hormones, blood sugar levels, heating the skin and its nerve endings. The pineal gland is affected as this is sensitive to the earth’s magnetic field, this gland produces a host of psychoactive chemicals (such as melatonin, dopamine and serotonin) and abnormal functioning can cause neurological and behavioural problems.

Our bodies are attuned to 30 Hz the naturally occurring electromagnetic current generated on the earth; yet electrical power of the UK’s AC current is at 50 Hz – so close it may interfere with our biological function. Within a household normal domestic wiring does not generally cause problems as it is contained.

However, some technology ‘leaks’ electrically charged fields (‘dirty electricity’) through poor manufacturing practice, voltage conversion and unearthed technologies. In the case of Wi-Fi and cordless phones these generate additional pulsing radiation waves which spread out to communicate between base point and receiver.

An onsite consultation will use a Trifield meter to check for increased levels of magnetic, AC electromagnetic, radio and microwave fields within the building to find strong electromagnetic fields and avoid potential health risks. I can check your home equipment for electro magnetic field pollution and advise on some alternative equipment. I am not a qualified electrician and you may be advised to invest in the services of one, however my service works as an initial guide. Occasionally home/office locations have very high levels of EMF that need specialist help and further investment blocking equipment and solutions.

Also see the notes on Body GS & Voltage Checks and the Free guide ‘How to balance your body voltage’

Best UK site on electrical and electromagnetic pollution: Power Watch

Phone Masts radiation can only be recorded with a site visit and cannot be neutralised permanently but can be assisted with and advised on. High level or complex electromagnetic problems i.e. industrial DC currents may require specific industry specialist advice and equipment which will be advised on in advance.