Blessings & Sacred Gardens

House Blessing

New home owners sometimes sense the old energy of the previous occupants when they move into an new home, feeling vaguely out of sorts or depressed when they were previously fine. The Chinese Feng Shui masters call this ‘Predecessor Chi’, as energy belonging to the previous occupants which needs to be cleared away.

Getting your home blessed clears energy, reinvigorates and activates your connection to your home. It includes blessing the land, garden, water courses as well as the building. House Blessings includes a ceremony to protect the home and evoke the spirits of love, joy and harmony. This is great for clearing the previous owner’s energy which allows you to settle in, feel more authentic and integrated with your home.

Blessing the energy is something that can be done at a distance or in person, so I will be pleased to help if this is needed.

Sacred Gardens

As part of your consultation we can help create gardens of rest and recovery, finding areas of good energy and spaces ideal for healing. This can also combine with Feng Shui for placement of features to activate, replicate and cultivate beneficial energy in the landscape. True unity with the environment needs us to seek out and acknowledge the hidden dimensions of nature consciousness, finding ways to work with nature spirits to co-create unified spiritual gardens that are enhanced and feel beautiful to be in.