Better Sleep

A healthy bed location is vital for good sleep and cellular renewal, so this is checked as part of your home consultation to ensure that you are not exposed to geopathic stress or magnetic field disturbance. We spend half our lives sleeping, often on the same couple of meters so it is important this space is balanced energetically so we can rest, regenerate, absorb nutrients and heal unhindered by adverse earth energy disturbance.

Humans are aligned to earth’s normal very low-level electro-magnetic pulse and this is essential for our biological cellular regeneration process, healing and anti-aging. It is important that sleep space is clear of geopathic stress and magnetic disturbance to allow the body’s natural healing and regeneration process to function better.

“Thank you for helping us and coming back with the links! Using this opportunity, I want to give a feedback also: two nights after your visit I had a proper sleep and good (not my usual nightmares) dreams!!!” SK

Mattress Magnetic Field Disturbance

Some mattresses have magnetic field distortions created during manufacturing when ferrous metal springs are cooled. Sleep time exposure to sharp variations of magnetic fields may induce some chronic ill-health effect. Therefore important to rule out magnetic field disturbances of these kind if poor sleep or ill health arises.