House Healing

Your home doesn’t have to be perfect but it should feel like a sanctuary when you return to it. House healing, home blessing and geopathic stress surveys are about ensuring and creating somewhere you can sleep, rest and recuperate to the maximum without outside influences. Solutions include sacred space, feng shui, dowsing and earth healing techniques to clear and create uplifted and positive energy vibrations.

Space clearing with earth healing is about re-creating an atmosphere that can hold a higher vibration of energy which assists occupants to feel more positive and enlivened.

Dowsing & Healing Solutions

My service explores what you think is wrong and involves dowsing and intuition to check for and pinpoint a wide spectrum of detrimental energy and geopathic stress to see what is out of balance in your home then mapping, scaling and scoping this out. Once these have been established I can then work out how to resolve and improve things with the most effective solutions. The aim is to find the things that will help, with the most important focus being what makes things better for the occupants.

When people get a feeling that the atmosphere or energy of their space is not right or not welcoming, it can be because they have a Geopathic stress line or that some past energy pattern remains that needs clearing. Effective site harmonisation comes from a wide protocol of skills and techniques combining space clearing, earth healing, earth acupuncture, white shamanism and energy balance techniques. These help clear lower energy leaving the place with a raised vibration giving peace of mind and freedom to create a happier life.

Dowsing is an ancient skill associated with finding water however it has many contemporary uses, dowsing helps me connect intuitively to find the best earth energy solutions to resolve or clear. I use rods, pendulums and my own charts which help me to define all types of vitality imbalance and a wide spectrum of earth energy and solutions for personal and site energy resolution and balance.

“There is definitely a calmness in the room and strangely it seems larger and more open. Health wise I seem to have stabilised and my sleep improves here and there.” S&P  W