Energy Healing

Energy Healing allows our bodies to relax deeply and stimulates the natural ability to self-heal and regenerate, healers don’t heal a person they focus healing energy (universal life force) to start this as an internal process. Receiving Energy Healing allows you to Release Stress, Trauma and Tensions and let the universal light force flow within.

You can receive healing ‘hands on’ or ‘absent healing’ (remote healing) to facilitate the best and highest healing opportunity for people, places or situations. With 25 years of healing experience I have helped many people by channelling the energy and/or removing blocks from five key areas of your energy/aura system using a modality of wellbeing dowsing combined with angelic and spiritual healing.

My treatments are based on gentle non-invasive techniques with no side effects and complements both holistic and orthodox medical treatment. Using kinesiology help me select the best healing modality for you, however, if you require a particular modality just let me know when booking.

The following healing treatments take about 45 minutes and are given as individual couch based or as a shorter add on sessions to boost a person’s energy after other work.

Reiki Healing & Spiritual Healing

These modalities have their own protocols but are all healing transference by attuning to the energy and practice of non-intrusive ‘hands on’ energy healing or by remotely sending this energy to someone.

Reiki Healing is a Japanese word/s meaning universal life force or energy. Dr Usui, the founder of Reiki, developed this healing system from ancient teachings and it has been passed down from Reiki Master to students since 1926. Reiki treatment flows with attunement and benefits the whole system with a soothing energy.

Sekhem Healing comes from Middle Eastern and Egyptian mysticism and means Power of Powers, the spark of the creator energy, also known as SKHM and Seichem. This peaceful healing energy assists you to become more aware of your life purpose and helps remove blocks that create the illusion of separation from the source.

Spiritual Healing is a ‘hands on’ healing that allows the healer to channel universal light energy to support personal energy, it is versatile in that it adapts and attunes it’s vibration naturally finding synergy with the person. Spiritual healing energy is very gentle and unobtrusive, it is the flow from source that underpins all other types of healing.

Magnified Healing™

Kwan Yin’s sacred healing modality comes forth to help people to heal Karma, align their light channel to earth, the heart source and chakras, it is for both people and the environment. The Lady Ascended Master Kwan Yin, also known as Buddhist Deity Avalokiteshvara & Chinese Goddess of Compassion, to usher in new higher vibrations of love, light and freedom held in the Violet Ray (healing spectrum) for the spiritual advancement of Humanity and the Earth. A Magnified Healing Session uses affirmations which are read as part of the healing sessions as well as a focused type of healing energy.

Magnified Healing™ Kwan Yin’s healing modality.