Geopathic Stress

Geopathic Stress (GS) is used to describe a wide range of detrimental earth energies from both man-made and geological features, influenced by natural activity such as underground water flow, magnetic’s of the moon cycle to ionosphere activity from solar flares thereby forming variety of pattern and fluctuating influences on the earth.

Sara has been working with homes effected by GS for many years and has a deep knowledge of many earth healing techniques, gadgets and vibratory medicinal approaches to remedy and lessen any ill-effects. She decided not sell or make commission anyone’s equipment or technology because she wanted to practice in a client, heart centered and earth healing way to resolve and avoid GS issues without any additional unnecessary expense.

Sara brings many house healing solutions to help deal with the issues caused by Geopathic Stress, here is an overview of  commonly recurring causes that she has worked to clear in peoples homes. You may not know the sources of GS in your home, this can be found and cleared for you as part of a house healing and this can even be done without you even knowing what was cleared if you would prefer.

The effects of Geopathic stress radiation in a building can be noticed as a cold, uneasy atmospheres or heightened stress in the occupants. Prolonged exposure to Geopathic stress has been shown to significantly hinder the body’s natural ability to heal. Instinctively many mammals will not live in such places, e.g. horses and dogs do not like to settle over Geopathic stress or if they have no option then they become unwell.

Geopathic Stress comes from a variety of subterranean features and phenomena, such as:-

  • Water flow – underground streams and springs
  • Naturally occurring magnetic grid lines that ripple across the surface of the earth
  • Emissions from subterranean mineral deposits
  • Geological faults, rock fissures, underground caves, lost wells
  • Previous human land use and past occupants
  • Ley lines, ancient man-made routes and religious sites
  • Ancient burials, battlegrounds, murder sites and land curses
  • Electromagnetic and Technopathic stress from household technology emissions
  • Non-physical beings, vibrational energy forms in a variety of strengths
  • Feng Shui imbalance – buildings that are not architecturally in harmony with the landscape

“Her [Sare’s] breadth of knowledge ensured that long standing issues in our home were both uncovered and resolved. Sare provided us with a greater understanding of both the problems as well the solutions to the issues we were experiencing. She gave us tools and techniques that I could continue to use after her visit – which I felt were very generous of her to share, and have been very effective”

Signs and Symptoms include waking up tired, fatigue, stress, increased arguments, sleeplessness, persistent ill-health and things not getting better and teeth grinding in sleep. Sometimes people sense the energy is not quite right or will feel as if they are being watched, uneasy, or not be able to relax well at home.

Long term exposure to high levels of some Geopathic stress can manifest as depleted health for the occupants, immunity weakness, depression and has links to allergies, ME and cancer.

Geopathic Stress Guide

The protective role of the immune system is undermined by emissions of detrimental earth radiation, correlations of health related geopathic stress show significant serotonin decrease, blood corpuscle decline speed and immunoglobulin deficiencies.

Studies have shown adverse effects of earth energy began to be formally and scientifically recognised in 1929 with the first investigation of ill health linked to the occupant’s location being placed on earth currents. Many studies have continued from there on with results that show clear correlations between Geopathically stressed locations and ill-health of the occupants, including clear links to cancer in people who lived or slept above Geopathic stress crossing points for lengthy periods of time.

Download my Guide to Geopathic Stress  The Geomagnetics of Earth and studies into Geopathic Stress (DOCX, 7MB).