Feng Shui

Clearing Geopathic stress is like a detox of your home energy of tense and disharmonious atmospheres which can bring space for renewed good vibes to your life. Benefits can feel transformational and help improve mind and health, sleep and recovery.

Feng Shui is a great way to nurture yourself within your home, it uses direction, colour and energy flow to help you cultivate and evolve a calm vibrant living space.

Your home will resonate with energy that it is surrounded by and you will resonate that pattern back.

It is easy to under estimate the value of your health and happiness so anything that improves this is a worth considering. Feng Shui brings some ancient knowledge forward into the 21st century in way works to enhance and re-pattern the energy blueprint of a home or space. Geopathic stress typically comes from underground water, rock fissures, pulsing wi-fi technologies and ley/energy lines.  Signs and symptoms include recurring illness, low immunity and inability to sleep or relax well, also tense atmospheres and disharmony.

Both Feng Shui and Geopathic Stress clearance services are available online and in person, if you are not sure what will suit you best just get in touch and Sara can discuss this with you and help you choose and work out what will bring the most benefit to you and your home.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is like a key of knowledge that unlocks an understanding of complex patterns within the home, landscape and cosmos. My service can show you ways in which you improve the energy of your home, use the light, best spaces for living and working, placement for for objects, furniture and colours to enhance an area. Feng Shui is not just about buildings it is also about the correlation to the people living within it so re-creating a better sense of balance and flow will not just lift your home energy but also also lift your life path energy.

Your Feng Shui consultation can work online from plans and photographs taken on your phone, so it is fairly easy to set up. Sara can help advice you as to what you place in different areas of your home, what is clutter and what is an enhancement. A consultation will focus on the practical interpretation of your layout and building dynamics to harmonise, improve aesthetic balance and flow. Using these key things we can improve and make the most of chi energy influences by position, design and activation.

This service is personal to each home or office and will help motivate you to clear your clutter and manifest energy change, it will include a distant house healing and blessing plus a short written guide to Feng Shui placement and colour use.

Geopathic Stress

The aim of a survey is to find hidden sources of detrimental, draining and unpleasant energy in your home or business using dowsing, intuition and investigation. When identified, we can apply the best solutions to clear or avoid energy lines and heal earth energy  in a home. The benefits of a site treatment can be subtle but also far reaching, having over 25 years experience means we know the solutions that will bring about the best outcomes.

Some of the benefits include:

Improved Health and Vitality; resolving issues created by sleeping on Geopathic stress areas has been shown to allow the body’s natural healing and regeneration process to function better. You need to be sleeping somewhere that your body can rest and recuperate.

Better Sleep and Relaxation; when high levels of Geopathic stress and Electromagnetic disturbance are present this can put our bodies and nerves on a silent ‘red alert’. This can give rise to unease, increases in edginess and personal stress, poor sleep and higher body voltage. When we reduce this effect, it can lift off background tension and bring us back into alignment with our inner balance.

Increased Happiness; detrimental earth energy can drag us down, manifesting as reduced life energy. Removal equates to a subtle lift and increased enablement in inspiration and personal life energy. Leaving the occupants with a sense that the energy has shifted to something more balanced and calming, adding psychic protection and creating the ideal blank energy for happiness at home.