Earthing your energy: a guide to body voltage

How to protect your body voltage from electromagnetic stress

Humans are aligned to the natural voltage of the earth. We used to walk barefoot, sleep on it and stay connected with its perfectly charged low voltage. Within each of us are trillions of electrical brain and cell activities using this low voltage as part of our metabolic system.

However, technology has bought with it a huge spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, coming from sources such as; computers, mobile phones & masts, Wi Fi, Bluetooth, tablets and now 5G. With repeated and sustained use, this electromagnetic radiation may induce higher than natural body voltage. This may disrupt our biological electron system, which is designed to work and destroy damaging free radicals and unhealthy cells. Instead, the opposite can happen as excess electromagnetic radiation creates oxidative stress and free radicals which damage our healthy cells.

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Earthing and Grounding

The amazing thing about planet earth is its massive reservoir of negatively charged free electrons. When we go outside, we ‘ground’ ourselves by connecting with ‘earth’ i.e. the voltage of the planet and its natural schumann resonance.  So, going outside into nature, in woods, the sea or a lake, is a chance to balance the electron-deficient free radicals and this can greatly reduce our level of technology induced voltage.

The effect of excess positive charge in the blood can be seen very clearly by the way in which the cells are attracted to clump together (see below). Excess voltage charge is attributed to inflammation in our bodies which is known to play a role in a number of chronic illnesses, including cancer, MS, IBS, Asthma and Diabetes. Grounding can reduce the risk to these conditions developing and also helps us to regenerate. Grounding give us the electrons that our body needs to counteract free radical cells which damage healthy cells.

The Effects of Grounding

Most people feel better when they ‘earth-up’, think about how great you feel when you walk barefoot in the sand – this is a perfect way to absorb that natural voltage. As most of us don’t spend our lives walking barefoot there are things we can do to balance any electron-deficiency. You can also support yourself by eating anti-oxidant rich foods, drinking living water and taking quality mineral supplements such as magnesium.

The simplest way to ‘ground’ naturally to the electrical charge of the earth is to go outside. Place your bare feet or hands on some grass or earth, hug a tree or sit down on the grass and take a break. Good news, for those of us who can’t be outside, on the beach or in the park, there are plenty of products designed to create this connection in a convenient and practical way.  Earthing Mats are made to simulate this effect and are specially designed conductive products, i.e. mats, bands and patches which do the same job. You can buy these on-line, just type ‘grounding’ or ‘earthing’ + ‘mat’ into a search engine.

Illustration – Reduction in inflammation with grounding observed using medical infrared imaging.

Figure 1 shows infrared images of a 33-year-old woman who had a gymnastics injury at age 15. The patient had a long history of chronic right knee pain, swelling, and instability, and was unable to stand for long periods. Simple actions, such as driving, increased the symptoms. She had to sleep with a pillow between her knees to decrease the pain. On-and-off medical treatment and physical therapy over the years provided minimal relief.

Figure 2 taken 30 minutes after being grounded with an electrode patch, the patient reported a mild reduction in pain. After 6 days of grounding, she reported a 50% reduction pain and could now stand for longer periods without pain, she no longer needed to sleep with pillow between her legs. After 4 weeks of treatment, she was able to run. By 12 weeks, she said her pain had diminished by nearly 90% and she had no swelling.

This information on grounding is shared as a guide to help protect our wellness for when we need to use technology every day. Do ask if you need me to check your body voltage as part of a site visit or kinesiology treatment as I am able to do this.

No excuses now, it is always a good time to keep your cells happy and well.

Sare Bassett, Kinesiology Therapies & Earth Energy Dowsing.

Inflammation image source – Journal of Inflammation Research 2015; 8: 83–96 Copyright © 2015 Oschman et al. This work is reproduced and licensed with permission under Creative Commons Attribution by Dove Medical Press Limited. This shows tiny changes in temperature colour coded to map hot areas indicative of inflammation. The arrow points to the exact location of the patient’s pain and shows significant inflammation.