Well-Being Dowsing

Well-being Dowsing helps us bridge between fact, assumption and intuition to find root causes and solutions.  As a dowser I have designed a range of Pendulum charts to reflect holistic, vibrational dowsing and healing knowledge. I follow a process of questions to uncover a wide range of information about people, places and objects which open our eyes to extra things that can improve our lives. I use remote viewing and detection techniques with results that are often enlightening.

Well-being dowsing is helpful for exploring supporting information around suitability of solutions but cannot be used for medical diagnosis. I will not trespass into exploring the lives and energy of anyone unless specifically requested to do that by the person involved and all work is confidential. Absent connection can be made with a client/situation so that after a brief initial telephone consultation the dowsing work and energy healing can be undertaken remotely at a distance.

“Your dowsing has been very accurate about me, Brilliant. What you have done has confirmed lots of things I had thought about”.

“What a wonderful day and what a wonderful tutor you are. Everyone, dowser or not, would benefit from your workshop.”