If you would like to discuss anything please contact me for advice or information on what might help or be the best solution.

Your contact details will be kept confidential and stored securely in accordance with data protection regulations. Our response time is 24 hours during the week and then 72 hours on the weekend.

“I cannot recommend Sare highly enough! I would wholeheartedly encourage people to work with Sare. I look forward to learning more from her on my spiritual path and ensuring my home stays sane, healthy and happy” SC

Holistic Treatments, Kinesiology & Guidance

Consultations, kinesiology sessions and holistic treatments are from my Surrey base.

Some holistic treatments and clearing can be done at a distance, for example guidance, energy healing, aura clearing and well-being dowsing.

Treatments & Guidance Sessions: £45

First Kinesiology Treatment: £55
Follow Up Kinesiology Treatment: £45

Package Special: £130 (saves £25) – 3 sessions booked together; Guidance Coaching or Kinesiology balance.

Sessions or treatments can be booked directly with me via the enquiry form at my Surrey venue or at Tillow Barn Health where I also practice. Any questions just call or get in contact by email.

“I feel more comfortable, as if some weight has dropped away and things are more probable now” MW

Home & Earth Energy

Consultations are from my base in Surrey, part of your initial enquiry will involve a free dowsing check in order to advise if I can help, what might be the priority problems and optimal solutions. I visit sites or work from building plans to cover both UK and abroad.

My fee for house healing services includes analysis of a comprehensive range of non beneficial energy and geopathic stress along with the application of appropriate solutions, this includes follow up support. The cost of your home and earth energy service will be quoted in advance, depending on the property size, concern, expected time to be spent on site or plans, travel time and costs (if applicable).

I also do a budget level of service working remotely from plans to clear the most important problems on a site which includes most of my services, minimum 3 hours work (excluding electro-magnetic field checks as this has to be completed using meters). Email plans showing the location of beds, sofas, anywhere else you spend time, feedback is by telephone or email.

The initial short survey and quotation is free, please contact me with your name, address and details of concern (if known).

Full House Healing: £180 to £400

Budget House Healing: £150 (from plans)