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I am based in Reigate, Surrey, and at Tillow Barn Health, Dorking, Surrey for therapy work and cover London and South East England for house healing, and I am also available to help you via my online services.

Kinesiology, health dowsing and alignment, therapy sessions.

♦First treatment: £70  ♦Follow Ups: £55  ♦Under 18’s: £50

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Feng Shui, Home Healing & Pre-purchase Survey

House healing services include a comprehensive range of options and solutions. The cost of your service will be quoted in advance, depending on your property size and your requirements.

Home Blessing – online £125  This includes energy healing from plans and pictures online, new home blessing, clearing of past occupant patterns  – gift voucher available.

Pre-purchase energy survey from plan £155 to £250  This is a peace of mind check for geopathic stress, land curses, ley lines and range of non beneficial energy and includes pre move energy clearing.

House Healing or Feng Shui: £225 to £390  dowsing and intuitive survey and all possible clearing and healing work. Checks include dowsing and healing work, typically covering space clearing and realignment of your home with blessing and healing work, working with earth energies and any geopathic stress in your home, spirit release (if needed), past occupants patterns, an energy balance. Sare will also check for Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) and Electro-smog if visiting in person. NB. Additional travel time and expenses may be quoted for in UK.

House Healing with analysis of Feng Shui: £390 – £600 This is a detailed report which includes all of the above home healing services, longer bespoke visit for larger houses or business premises i.e. can include additional garden design, feng shui form school, office layout.

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“I feel more comfortable, as if some weight has dropped away and things are more probable now, thank you so much” MW

“You have made an immense difference, thank you Sare” GB

“I cannot recommend Sare highly enough! I would wholeheartedly encourage people to work with Sare. I look forward to learning more from her on my spiritual path and ensuring my home stays sane, healthy and happy” SC