Consultations Online, 1 to 1 & Fees

If you would like to book in for an Kinesiology / holistic therapy or on line service please use the ‘contact me’ page to arrange a free telephone consultation.

Services are now available on-line via Zoom, Skype and phone.

From the outset the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak I have followed government guidelines and all necessary precautions within my practice to reduce the risk of spreading this, currently I have suspended any treatments that involve personal contact.

I am still working and available to help, sessions have moved online and include:

Health Kinesiology, Distant healing, Health dowsing. House & flat dowsing, Feng Shui and house healing, including new home surveys via plans.

Well-being coaching, Careers and life coaching, Solution focused therapy, Spiritual development group, Meditations and Workshops.

One to one therapeutic services which are now on-line show new price concessions if needed – as follows:  £20 / 30 min, £35 / hour, £50 / 1.5 hours

How on-line treatments work. Our connection works rather like radio waves so distance is not limited by space, personal energy can connect through quantum field frequencies and I will guide you through the treatment, show you the acupressure points you need and talk to you in the normal one to one way. All sessions are supported by me, all you need to do is click a Zoom link or you preferred method and relax as we work together.

“I feel more comfortable, as if some weight has dropped away and things are more probable now” MW

Holistic Treatments, Kinesiology & Life Coaching Guidance

Consultations, kinesiology sessions and holistic treatments are from my Surrey base.

Holistic Treatments & Life Coach Guidance Sessions: £55

First Kinesiology Treatment: £55      Follow Up Kinesiology Treatment: £50 (if booked within 2 months of first appointment)

Package and Regular users: £150 – 3 sessions booked together; Guidance Coaching or Kinesiology balance.

Sessions or treatments can be booked directly with me via the enquiry form at my Surrey venue or at Tillow Barn Health where I also practice. Any questions just call or get in contact by email.

Gift Vouchers are available for Tillow Barn Health. These are purchased via the enquiry contact above and then used to book the session direct with me.

Absent well-being dowsing and distance holistic healing

Some holistic treatments  can be done at a distance, for example guidance, energy healing, aura clearing and well-being dowsing. These are confidential, solution focused and supportive sessions, consultations use a variety of modality techniques and feedback is via phone or skype and are a helpful way to get support without having to visit me in person.

First session: £55            Repeat sessions: £45

“You have made an immense difference, thank you Sare” GB

Feng Shui, Home Healing & Pre-purchase Survey

I am based in Surrey and visit sites in London, SE and SW England and work from building plans to cover both UK and overseas sites. My fee for house healing services includes comprehensive analysis along with the application of appropriate solutions. The cost of your service will be quoted in advance, depending on the property size, requirement, travel costs etc.

Pre-purchase energy survey from plan £155 to 225 (peace of mind check for Geopathic stress, land curses, ley lines and range of non beneficial energy).

Short House Healing or Feng Shui: £175 (from plans online/small flats)

Full House Healing or Feng Shui: £225 to £390 (online service, includes site visit if needed and full energy blue print dowsing and intuitive survey, EMF checks and any necessary clearing)

Detailed Report – House Healing with analysis of Feng Shui: £390 – £600 (all of the above home healing services, longer bespoke visit for larger houses or business premises i.e. can include additional garden design, feng shui form school, office layout and time for on site Kinesiology or treatments).

“I cannot recommend Sare highly enough! I would wholeheartedly encourage people to work with Sare. I look forward to learning more from her on my spiritual path and ensuring my home stays sane, healthy and happy” SC