About Sare

My name is Sare (pronounced like Sary) but I also call myself Sarah as this is easier for some people. I have been active in healing and earth energy for over 25 years and 15 years as a life and careers coach. I have visited hundreds of sites and helped many people over this time and formed Harmony Matrix Solutions to reflect and share my holistic synergy to enable people to live a more optimised and harmonious life.

“Truly being you means finding the best set of conditions in your life energy matrix.  Your inner potential, your sparkle and quiet joy depends on clearing blocks and enabling life to flow”. Sare

As a practitioner I am intuitive yet down to earth in my approach, services have grown in a synergistic and practical way. My philosophy is that many things are interconnected; mind, body, spirit, land, history and neighborhoods which in turn are reflected in our lives, relationships and health. With the land both trauma and celebration can be held in the memory of place, leaving residual vibrations long forgotten, but not good if they are of the horrific and unkind as they linger as a subconscious memory and atmosphere. With people it is similar, feelings of  fear and trauma creates blocks in our energy systems which are not going to have a positive effect on us. Kinesiology and House Healing works in the same way in that that they unlock important priorities and clear blocks in order to enhance life and health.

My clients are ordinary people, they feel like friends and they come from all walks of life, UK and abroad and they have said many positive things about my work. In common, they have had a nagging sensation that something was wrong and have persisted and had a mind to improve their well-being or environment.

I adhere to standards for General Data Protection Regulations, confidentiality, conduct and professionalism.

Sare’s Kinesiology Story

After a car accident I was left with re-occurring neck and shoulder pain, my shoulders felt tight and every time I lifted anything heavy I would ache and feel sore, I thought I would be struggle with this forever. I chose to learn Kinesiology as it felt like a natural extension of my dowsing and healing workHowever, when I began training in Touch for Health Kinesiology I learned of a technique to release muscle memory which was used on my injury. That kinesiology session left me pain free for the first time in four years, also my energy lifted and the hot ‘bunched up’ tense feeling was gone completely.

That was it for me! I went on learn Health Kinesiolgy love that the range of options and fixes in kinesiology as it can integrate with emotional and physical aspects so well.  It means you can let me know exactly what you need through your muscle responses..

Sara has studied Kinesiology for 5 years and is a qualified Touch for Health™ Proficient Practitioner and Health Kinesiologist™ Natural Bioenergetics™ and is studying Nutritional Therapy.

“When things are not flowing quite right it might feel as if you are swimming against the tide of life. By correcting imbalance your potential for vitality and happiness is increased and things flow more naturally.” Sare

Earth Energy Healing

I have visited many sacred sites, famous and unknown, and am drawn to analyse and recreate a bit of that positivity where I can. I have worked as a volunteer energy healer in a drop in ‘hands on’ spiritual healing centre for over 20 years and extending these skills to earth energy healing brings a subtle but powerful change in the vibration of places.

My logo was designed and drawn by me, the geometric design is the ‘Seed of Life’, a truly ancient sacred and geometric symbol from 10,000 BC combined with ‘Orchis Mascula’ an important medicinal orchid, known as Salep.

Sare’s Credentials

  • Kinesiology Federation Member – Touch for Health
  • Trained Tutor and registered Professional Dowser with the British Society of Dowsers
  • Trained with the London Feng Shui Network for classical and compass alignment systems
  • Information, Advice & Guidance degree and many hours of continual professional development, holistic qualifications and workshops