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Welcome. Your world is about you, feeling well and being able to be relaxed, happy and positive in your state of being and within your home.

Home Feng Shui and dowsing allows ways to clear ‘geopathic stress’ – detrimental earth energy then recreate harmonious energy patterns conducive to healthy and joyous living. If our homes are effected by negative earth energy then we may struggle to relax or sleep, have low immunity, feel depressed or just have a sense that something is wrong.

Health Kinesiology helps improve emotional stress, physical imbalance and aims to reduce symptoms to leave you feeling more mobile, relaxed, revitalised and empowered. Kinesiology helps us clear old trauma and align our inner energy flow, so life can become calmer and more effortless.

Life is simply too short not to try to make things better. Whether it is holistic health or home harmony services both work well online and there are positive ways that I can help – all you need to do is book in for a free chat.

Feng Shui

Clearing Geopathic stress is like a detox of your home energy of tense and disharmonious atmospheres which can bring space for renewed good vibes to your life. Benefits can feel transformational and help improve mind and health, sleep and recovery. Feng Shui is a great way to nurture yourself within your home, it uses direction, colour and energy flow to help you cultivate and evolve a calm vibrant living space.

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House Healing

Your home doesn’t have to be perfect but it should feel like a sanctuary when you return to it. House Healing and Pre-purchase Dowsing Surveys are about ensuring and creating somewhere you can sleep, rest and recuperate to the maximum without outside influences. Solutions include sacred space, feng shui, geopathic stress dowsing and earth healing techniques to clear and create uplifted and positive energy vibrations.

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Health Kinesiology™, Natural Bioenergetics™ and Touch for Health™ are gentle yet extremely powerful techniques that trigger and balance your unique self-healing and muscle synergy using Chinese medicinal systems such as acupressure. Treatment helps many things, for example injury recovery, pain and anxiety whilst also maintaining good health and lifting your well-being. When our inner energy is flowing, we live without stress

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Holistic Treatments

Therapeutic Massage helps release physical muscle tension, back pain, improves muscular skeletal health and promotes relaxation. Treatments options include; hot and cold healing stones, Indian head and shoulder and therapeutic massage. Energy Healing includes Reiki, Spiritual healing, Sekhem and Magnified Healing which gently stimulates our natural ability to self-heal, releases muscle tension stress,

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Workshops & Courses

Sare is an empathetic and understanding practitioner who has fifteen years’ experience in guidance, coaching, solution focused therapy, working one to one and delivering empowering workshops which are available in person and online. Sessions aim to inspire and enable authentic self-development, confidence and help us overcome difficulties such as stress and anxiety. Specialism includes; self-esteem, careers,

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Book In

Interested in knowing more? If you would like to discuss anything then Sare is happy to give advice and explain how these services might help you, what might be best for different things and answer any questions. Our base is in Surrey covering UK and international support. Please complete the email enquiry form along with your contact number so we can get in touch, alternatively you can just call us to book.

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